Falling for the Farnsworth House (Model Kit) - a customer's story

Our customers are the best! Chad from Minneapolis recently sent us a very kind note, and with his permission, we're reprinting it here. It's a joy to find others who share our enthusiasm for architecture, model building, and the design process! 
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"I first came across Model Landmarks in an ad on Instagram. I LOVE cool architecture, so I followed the link to your website.

I would consider myself a skilled scale model builder, but I mainly build cars, and work with plastic. So it was so cool to see these detailed buildings in wood. I had to try one, so I ordered the Farnsworth House and a case for it."

"The kit came in the mail and the packaging was very high class: a black box with a nice sleeve that had a photo of the kit on it. Then inside the parts trees were not only bagged up, but shrink wrapped, so they didn't slide around on each other.

I spread the parts trees out on my desk and dug in.

The instructions were very well written and easy to follow. I only messed up on two things and had to backtrack a bit because I got ahead of myself. If I would have stuck to the instructions I would have made zero errors."


The pieces all fit great! They even included some sand paper and a couple of toothpicks right in the kit! So cool! Sandpaper wasn't required, but I used it to neaten up edges and clean up parts. And the toothpicks are for applying glue.

Overall the Farnsworth House is a very well-engineered kit. The parts fit great, there is a lot of detail, and the instructions made it easy to build. I loved the kit so much I just placed an order for the First Usonian House."

Wright Jacobs House model

I'm glad I found you, I look forward to buying and building more kits in the future.

Thank you.
Minneapolis, MN

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Thank YOU, Chad. You are rightfully proud of your finished Farnsworth House. Here's to many more enjoyable model-building experiences! 

Ready to get started? The Farnsworth House is just one option for fans of architecture and others who appreciate finely detailed scale model kits. Famous designs by Frank Lloyd Wright include the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the sprawling Streamline Moderne Johnson Wax Complex, the Prairie-style Unity Temple, and Jacobs I, Wright's first Usonian home. Stunning international architectural scale models like the Sydney Opera House and London's Tate Modern Museum are also available.

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wood scale model kit

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wood scale model of Sydney Opera House

Whatever your particular architectural passion, we encourage you to appreciate beautiful design today and every day.