Check Out Our 2022 Photo Contest Finalists!

Congratulations to Francis
 2022 Photo Contest Winner!

Photo submitted by Francis
"One of the best model kits around! The attention to detail is key which makes it such a great 
conversational piece. The materials used in the models are of top quality and the instructions are very easy to follow. It is definitely a fun model to build on a lazy weekend."

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Photos submitted by Andria
"I ordered one of your smaller projects, and it was so fun to build I couldn't help but make it look as though a miniature enthusiast had created it like a dollhouse, and was about to paint it out in her backyard. As I was out trying to get the perfect photo, the neighbor's cat came by to supervise me and make sure I did a good job (plus she also offers a scale give away!). These models are beautiful and a fun project to make on a weekend or a whim. My Queenslander took a few days to build (have to let that darn glue set properly) but it was fairly easy and turned out amazing-my friends and family certainly were amazed by it when it was done. It also inspired me to learn more about Australian homes and home building, too. Thank you for making them so I can build them! I am looking forward to building more Little Building Co. kits in the future."


Photos submitted by Bruce


Photo submitted by Larry
"Enjoyed making another Wright model from Model Landmarks!"

7th grade modeler

"I am in the 7th Grade and I live in Indiana. We purchased the three terrace models for a 4-H project, but to date I have assembled only 2 of the models-Surry and Paddington.I expected the wood pieces to be very fragile, but found that wasn't the case. The pieces were easy to put together and none of the pieces broke. I was able to take the narrative that came with the instructions along with other research and assembled a notebook of historical background for the Australian terrace housing."


Photo submitted by Mary
"Each year at Christmas, my husband receives one of your wonderful FLW kits. He enjoys assembling t
hem and I enjoy displaying them on shelves with our FLW books and knickknacks. Can't wait for the next one."


Photos submitted by Paul
"The Little Building Company and Model Landmarks kits are just plain fun! They sharpen your mental 
acuity and help maintain your cognitive power. They build manual dexterity and are among the best ways to educate yourself about some of the greatest architectural achievements of our time."


Photo submitted by Peter
"In my 90th year, my hand is still steady enough to produce this result. Really enjoyed completing the 
model. I have two others in waiting and two others competed."