Details, Details: Tips from Experienced Builders

We love sharing tips, tricks, inspiration and suggestions from experienced model builders here. 

Do you use a craft mat or work on a hard surface? Does it depend on the model? 

Do you use toothpicks to apply glue? Rubber bands for support? Wood, CA, or white glue? 

What's your favorite hobby knife? 

Tell us your tips so we can add them!

Looking for a little insight into building your first scale model - or the new architectural icon you just ordered? Read on.

Farnsworth house details
This bird is perched in front of the Farnsworth House model. How do you manage details like that? Tell us! Share with other model builders!
The Farnsworth House "is easy to build if you follow directions," we've been told. 

"The most challenging thing about the Farnsworth is that the I-beams have to be set just right. With toothpicks and an X-Acto knife, I was able to get in there."   ~Bruce

The Guggenheim Museum is one of our most popular models, and in spite of its highly unusual architectural style, it's one of the easiest of the Little Building Co. models to build.

Although it's really NOT possible to build it in 45 seconds, our customers often say it can be built in a day, "if you wanted to." Instead, most prefer to take their time, and they recommend sanding it very well to give the exterior its smoothest finish.

The most difficult part of building the Guggenheim scale model, our builders agree, is lining up the intricately carved roof panels. 

Their advice? "Take your time!" 

The Sydney Opera House is one of our most involved models. Ready for the challenge? Have a look

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Model image credit: Atomic Ranch