Farnsworth "Fascinating" to Build

We love hearing from our customers! 

We recently received a very nice note from Dale in Connecticut that read in part: 

"Dear Little Building Company, 

I’d call myself an intermediate modeler. The Farnsworth House Kit was fascinating to build – the instructions were clear as a bell; the materials first rate, and using adhesive backing instead of glue made fastening parts like the side rails much cleaner."

Farnsworth finished model

We think it turned out great! Our customers often mention how impressed they are with the carefully selected materials and fine craftsmanship of Little Building Co.'s scale model kits. And it's always helpful to learn how different builders tackle each model's details.

(Read a previous article about building the Farnsworth House by Atomic Ranch Magazine. The author called the Mid-Century Modern his "dream home" and said the kit makes an excellent quarantine project.

Sometimes a Modeler Knows...

Model builders take pride in their work and are notoriously detail-oriented. In his letter, Dale put it very well:

"Sometimes a modeler knows where his efforts weren’t perfect, but friends and family, including my architect brother-in-law, find no faults at all."

Below are more images of Dale's finished Farnsworth House model, both with and without the tree. Thanks, Dale! We're delighted that you shared this with us, and happy to share it with others here.

Fun Facts about the Farnsworth House

Why is the tree important? The large sugar maple likely inspired the architect's site selection. Unfortunately, the tree had to be removed in 2013. It's included in the model kit because it was so important to the home's design. 

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Farnsworth House top view

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