The Herbert Jacobs House: A Modern Masterpiece

We’re excited to announce that a fine scale model of Frank Lloyd Wright’s first Usonian home, Jacobs House, is now available.

Jacobs House model now shipping!

Wright coined the term Usonia to capture his idea of affordable architecture. His Usonian homes hug the earth both figuratively and literally. As in all of his homes, natural materials and colors are used throughout and the fireplace is a central feature. 

The term Usonian was derived from United States of America. The style represented more than buildings to Wright; he envisioned an urban utopia of reasonably-sized, affordable, beautiful homes like the Herbert Jacobs House in Madison Wisconsin. He detailed his ideas in a 1935 exhibition in New York City called Broadacre City.

While cities like those Wright envisioned didn’t come to fruition, Usonian homes were (and still are) very popular.

Building Jacobs I, the Original Usonian

Years after building the original Usonian for Herbert and Katherine Jacobs, Wright built a second, larger home for the family; for that reason, the home in Madison, Wisconsin is sometimes referred to as Jacobs I.

Usonian house scale model kit

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