Video: How to Build the Guggenheim Museum in 45 Seconds

Looking for an enjoyable diversion, or a fun building challenge? Ready to move beyond jigsaw puzzles? Our popular Guggenheim Museum kit comes with clear, easy to follow instructions and all parts required to complete it. It's an architecturally accurate model (1:500 scale).

Can you build it in 45 seconds? Well, no. Most customers say they complete it in one or two sittings. 

But 45 seconds is all the time you need to watch this great video of an actual build!

Video and build by Kevin Christensen, May 2020. (Thanks, Kevin!) 


What You Need To Build The Guggenheim Museum

Ready to build your own? The kit comes with 60 finely-crafted parts and excellent, step-by-step instructions. You’ll need to provide a good quality wood glue, a knife to remove individual parts from their sheets, and a flat work surface to construct the model.

To avoid scratching your table while you build, we suggest using a mat or other protective surface. 

The finished structure is a sturdy 1:500 scale model, measuring 6" x 4.5" x 3.5." 

And it comes with "I built it myself" bragging rights!

Don’t like to dust? Us either. Display the model in one of our custom acrylic cases; problem solved.  

Your Model, Your Experience

Made of beautiful Aspen, American Cherry, MDF and acrylic materials, you can display The Guggenheim proudly or gift it to a fellow fan of architecture. However you decide to experience this model, we're sure it will provide many hours of enjoyment and pride of ownership. 

Have you built The Guggenheim Museum? How long did you spend building it? What did you enjoy about the process? Are you still bragging about it? Tell us about your building experience. Maybe we'll feature YOUR build here!