Wright Sites x PechaKucha and other Live Events Celebrate Architect, Design

A unique live event on June 8 highlights Unity Temple along with eight other Frank Lloyd Wright buildings on what would have been the architect’s 153rd birthday.

Wright Sites x PechaKucha

Curators from nine of Frank Lloyd Wright’s public and private buildings will be offering their insights in the unique PechaKucha style in a live event on June 8, 2020. In the visually-intense presentation, each building is represented in 20 images, each of which is shown for 20 seconds, while the property's curator speaks. As a result, the full presentation of each building extends for just 400 seconds.

Unity Temple, Fallingwater, Tallesin, Tallesin West, and other Wright buildings, including several private residences, will be presented. 

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To see all nine of these architectural masterpieces, pre-register at PechaKucha site or live-stream the event at here. The free presentation can be viewed up to 24 hours after its initial showing on June 8, 2020.

Historical Prairie Architectural Masterpiece Home of Thriving Community Center

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple, the architectural masterpiece built in 1908, remains home to a thriving congregation. Additionally, an active Restoration Foundation supports the building and its programs. In spite of the COVID-19 epidemic, many of those programs are still accessible. 

The Unity Temple Restoration Foundation, in partnership with the Oak Park (IL) Area Arts Council, recently announced a social media initiative, #CreatingCommunities, to highlight arts organizations in the greater Oak Park area.

The arts organizations are sharing video, audio or photographic presentations weekly via social media, using the hashtag #creatingcommunities.

UTRF Executive Director Heidi Ruehle noted that the participating organizations were collaborating before the pandemic. “This initiative provides a unique approach to highlighting each others' organizations to spur interest and keep the arts at the forefront of people's minds until we are all able to open to the public again,” Ruehle said in a recent UTRF newsletter.

The Foundation, established in 1973 by volunteers in order to restore and preserve the Temple, has expanded to promote architecture awareness and education by introducing diverse public audiences to Unity Temple and to the design principles that inspired Frank Lloyd Wright’s “contribution to modern architecture.”

Do you enjoy architectural education and experiences? You may be interested in the  UTRF newsletter or the Foundation’s Facebook Page 

About Unity Temple

In the Unity Temple, Wright blurred the lines between the building and the nature surrounding it, aiming to blend the structure into its surroundings and invite the light, colors and shapes of the outside world into the building itself.

The model’s details accurately convey the temple’s imposing but intentionally unassuming volumes. Like the actual building, the accurate, scale model is made of a single material. Great for any fan of architecture fan and a worthy diversion for a new or experienced model builder, the Unity Temple 1:250 scale model also makes a great gift.

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Image Credit: PechaKucha Events