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Regency Frontier Home


This is a great, one evening project!

In the first half of the 19th Century, life on the frontier was simple, but an elegance was emerging in the rugged, hardworking towns of the American West. The architecture of the Regency-style house might have been home to the mayor, the banker, the owner of the dry goods store. Build your own frontier model home in an evening or two, while revisiting that time when the future sprawled out before the town like a wide-open plain. Finely crafted pieces of American Cherry wood make assembling this frontier building a joy, and the finished work a beautiful conversation piece to display.

The Regency Frontier scale model features details typical of the time: Above the six-panel front door, a fanlight is dressed with flat-gauged arches. Windows, while a necessity to allow light into the home, were also crafted to enhance the home’s simple beauty.  As the house was situated directly on the footpath, with no front garden, the louvered shutters provided both security and privacy. We've even modeled the stone used to create the foundation of our Regency Frontier scale replica.

The model is based on the Regency Terrace, a regional architectural style from the Australian frontier which was also common throughout English colonies and the American West. The architecture reflected the time when practicality and necessity was peppered with excitement about the future.

Quality craftsmanship – and a relatively few pieces – make building this frontier home a simple, satisfying exercise. No details are spared with our model; the rear of the building is as meticulously crafted as the front. High-quality materials are used throughout the entire model so when you gaze into the interior, you can imagine what it was like to live in an 1830's frontier town.


This kit is also included as part of our Frontier Town Streetscape

Product Details
Kit includes wooden parts and sandpaper. Wood glue is required to complete the model and is not included with the kit.

Materials: American Cherry
— Scale: 1:100
— Recommended Age: 12 & Up
— Assembly Time: 2 Hours
— Completed Dimensions: 2.36”L x 4.33"W x 3.94"H
— Some Tools Required (Not Included)
— Instructions Included

Model by Little Building Co.

Easy to Build

Detailed, step-by-step instructions makes your kit a pleasure to construct.

Beautifully Accurate Models

We research and study the buildings to capture the true essence in our models.

Exquisite Wood Construction

We use the finest wood components (Aspen, American Cherry, Birch, others), and manufacture and inspect all components to the highest standards.