Richmond Frontier Hotel

  • Richmond Frontier Hotel
  • Richmond Frontier Hotel
  • Richmond Frontier Hotel
  • Richmond Frontier Hotel
  • Richmond Frontier Hotel
  • Richmond Frontier Hotel

Richmond Frontier Hotel


By the late 1800s, frontier architecture reflected a proud heritage, and spoke to optimism about the future. When you build this accurate, beautiful scale model of fine American Cherry, you’ll share in the wonder of a time period that brought us some of our most colorful history – and more than a few colorful characters. Including the mysterious man in the window!

The frontier was a place where people worked hard for a better future. Told stories and played cards at the saloon. The mail took months to brings news from distant places, but the whole town gathered in the parlor of the town's lone hotel to hear the latest news and gossip from travelers.

By the 1890’s, frontier businesses were expanding, the population was growing, and architecture was getting more elaborate. The Italianate style of our Richmond Frontier Hotel features many fine details including the elaborate roof, tiling on the terrace, curved windows and shutters, and an ornate balcony railing. It's all as if to say, “this is how the west was won – in style.”

You can build your own frontier “hotel” with this architecturally accurate model kit cut from fine American Cherry. Your Richmond Frontier Hotel model features subtle details that were prevalent in many buildings of the 1840s-1890s throughout the American West and is based on buildings found in the Australian frontier.

These finely crafted models owe their authenticity to intensely researched historical architectural documents and designs, and to carefully replicated details that are included in each kit.

We offer a delightful diversion for the experienced model builder, and a joyful introduction to the hobby for new builders.

Perfect for your bookshelf

Materials: American Cherry
Origin: Australia
Scale: 1:100
Recommended Age: 12 & Up
Assembly Time: 2 Hours
Completed Dimensions: 2.75”L x 4.33"W x 4.13"H
Some Tools Required (Not Included)
Instructions Included

Model by Little Building Co.

Create your own Frontier Village Streetscape

This beautifully detailed hotel is a prominent building in our Frontier Town Streetscape!


Easy to Build

Detailed, step-by-step instructions makes your kit a pleasure to construct.

Beautifully Accurate Models

We research and study the buildings to capture the true essence in our models.

Exquisite Wood Construction

We use the finest wood components (Aspen, American Cherry, Birch, others), and manufacture and inspect all components to the highest standards.