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"I just completed this wonderful model given to me by a daughter. I was very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and level of detail in the instructions."
Tom T.                 Jacobs Usonian House

Flatiron Building

"Beautiful detailing, easy to assemble, gorgeous to view.  This company does some beautiful work."
Dan M.          Flatiron Building

"I have built a few of your lovely kits (Queenslander and Unity Temple) and I enjoyed building them so much, I brought them to show the 4th graders at my school They were very enthusiastic about the models!  I had a Daily Telegraph building model, and as a reward for earning 100 on-task points (I look up, they're on task, they get a point) they got to build my Art Deco Kit.

They loved building it, and were able to follow the directions (I only helped in cutting out pieces or peeling the backing off).   The students were quite pleased with their achievements, both for staying on task, and for completing the model!"
Andria L.          The Daily Telegraph

A pleasure to build; the parts are precise and the end result makes for an impressive display.
Rob F.          Farnsworth House

The genius of the original SJ Johnson Wax Building is mirrored in your kit.  Thanks for another great way to pass my time in an educational and constructive way.

Paul S.        Johnson Wax HQ

I love my model - excellent job!
Holmes R.  Pro-Built Guggenheim Museum

I’m thoroughly enjoying building the Guggenheim Museum.
Bruce F.         Guggenheim Museum

"I ordered it and built to build and really easy and quick.....excellent details.."
Don F.         Ghostbusters Firehouse

"I stained the wood with alcohol based artist markers giving it more the look of the prototype structure.  The model was a joy to build,  and I am very pleased with the fit and finish.  A wonderful kit and fun build.  I am looking forward to making more of your product's."
Roland L.       Ghostbusters Firehouse

Frank Lloyd Wright Jacobs Usonian House

"The Jacobs House 1 Model is another superb triumph for both Little Buildings and Model Landmarks."
Steven J.          Jacobs Usonian House with custom landscape

"I am really enjoying the kits."
Cody M.          Farnsworth House

"Really easy, fun, 1-2 night builds. So glad I got them!"
Brett Hunt             National Tobacco Company

Robert Coleman       Unity Temple

"I enjoyed building it so much and learned how I can improve on it, so I ordered another Farnsworth kit from you.  The roof on the Farnsworth is 120 medium smooth sandpaper painted flat white."
Tom H.              Farnsworth House

Tina A.         Regency Frontier Home (painted)


“A car is not a horse, and it doesn’t need a barn," according to Frank Lloyd Wright, who also coined the term "carport."
Joseph S.        Jacobs Usonian House model and photo

"Wanted to let you know just how impressed I was with the quality of the kit.  The level of detail that went into planning and producing this model was an architectural design project in itself!"
Jeffrey S.          Jacobs Usonian House

Brett H.          Unity Temple

I received this model kit as a gift and love it. A great gift for architecture fans and model making fans...Looking forward to doing more of these."

Anybody home?
Robert C.          Farnsworth House

"I love your model kits! I have built the Jacobs I and Guggenheim kits already."
Brett H.            Guggenheim Museum

“My snow day project - building a 1:150 scale model of the Farnsworth House.”
Bradley W.          Farnsworth House

"Took a little trip to the Guggenheim today thanks to Model Landmarks! I’m super excited with the kit and can’t wait to visit the real thing soon!”
Matt P.          Guggenheim Museum

"What an enjoyable experience! The instructions were so clear and the final product looks great. This won't be my last model!"
Jonathan A.          Farnsworth House

"The scale is perfect, compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The graphic/written instructions were clear and very detailed."
Larry S.          Guggenheim Museum

"As a retired architect I am amazed at the level of detail in these models and intrigued at the design process that Marcus must have gone through to create these models"
Don F.          Little Building Co collection

"I just finished putting Unity Temple together. Love it!"
Scott W.  Unity Temple

"It took me exactly 8 hrs.  Really nice instructions and quality...I have Farnsworth and Sydney in Lego.  They are under whelming compared to these.
Michel G.        Jacobs 1 House

Carl L.           Farnsworth House (with custom tree sculpture)

Richard B.          Queenslander (painted and LED lights)

Don F.      Johnson Wax HQ

Timothy M.          Unity Temple (with LED lights)

"I just loved making this kit!!!The fit and finish on the kit was astounding!  Cannot wait to order another kit."
Guy B.          Jacobs House


"Overall the Farnsworth House is a very well-engineered kit.  The parts fit great, there is a lot of detail, and the instructions made it easy to build.  I loved the kit so much I just placed an order for the First Usonian House."
Chad T.          Farnsworth House

"I loved putting together the model and also then learning a lot about the Farnsworth house as well!  Great product."
Brad T.          Farnsworth House

"I’d recommend your model’s any time! I build a lot of models and you are one of the best!"
Carl L.          Jacobs House, Johnson Wax HQ

"What a beautiful model! Hat's off to Marcus. It's another gem."
Steven J.          Unity Temple


Tony S.          Guggenheim Museum


Paul S.          Sydney Opera House & Queenslander Classic & Unity Temple & Guggenheim Museum

 Bruce R.          Farnsworth House

"I am really enjoying the kits."
Cody M.          Guggenheim Museum


 Edward R.          Johnson Wax HQ

Francis S.          Unity Temple


"Finally, a proper model for an adult to make, and made of real natural materials too!"
Jerry M.   Guggenheim Museum & Unity Temple & Johnson Wax HQ


 "I finished the model and its an absolute stunner."
Michael A.           Jacobs House


"The thing I love most about this model is that it looks like a model the architect would build as he is designing the house and working out the details. I highly recommend this item! It now sits proudly on my work table in my design office."
Joseph S.          Jacobs House


"I really enjoyed building it!"
John F.          Guggenheim Museum


"I am 100% pleased and impressed with your customer service."
Ralph S.          Jacobs House


"I Just finished my first model and I am very impressed. The instructions were easy to follow, the diagrams were very clear and helpful. I had a blast building it. All of the wood pieces fit great. The model when finished looks just like the box. I'll be looking forward to my next model."
Evan H.          Guggenheim Museum


"The Farnsworth House Kit was fascinating to build – the instructions were clear as a bell; the materials first rate."
Dale R.          Farnsworth House

"A pleasure to build. Great customer service!"
Robert C.      Johnson Wax HQ


Michael L.   Unity Temple