Marcus Bree, creator of Little Building Co scale model kits

Every Little Building Co model is meticulously designed by Marcus Bree.  After studying engineering and then three-dimensional design at college, Marcus began an international career that would take him from Japan to Hong Kong to the USA, across Australia and finally to Brisbane in Queensland, where he now runs his own design company. Creating little houses seemed like a natural extension to his love of making things, mixing textures and materials.

The Little Building Co Modeling Process

Marcus spends hours studying photos and construction plans of the architectural masterpieces he is modeling in order to capture and translate the spirit of the design into a miniature.  Countless more hours  are spent creating step-by-step instructions and drawings to ensure the models are a pleasure to build.  Material selection and sourcing is another critical step to make sure the beauty and integrity of the original design is apparent in the model.  The highest quality control is maintained throughout the design and manufacturing process.  You will be thrilled with the final results!