Thanks. I enjoy these models so much.  George

I was hesitant... but the Jacobs house just arrived... high quality packaging and presentation, looking forward to constructing it... as an architect, I like to have ‘things’ like this around for inspiration.  Keith

I recently completed your Guggenheim model and I really enjoyed the design and the precision of the parts.     C. Campbell

You guys are the greatest — my son and I love doing these models!   Charles

The (Jacobs) model turned out great...thanks for your help.  I am 100% pleased and impressed with your customer service.  Ralph

You’re the best! I love the models. This is my third.  Tim W. 

I loved putting together the model and also then learning a lot about the Farnsworth house as well!  Great product.    Brad

I am a huge fan and advocate for Model Landmarks and the Little Building Company. I just pre-ordered the Usonian home [and] the acrylic case.  Paul

I’d call myself an intermediate modeler. The Farnsworth House Kit was fascinating to build – the instructions were clear as a bell; the materials first rate, and using adhesive backing instead of glue made fastening parts like the side rails much cleaner. Sometimes a modeler knows where his efforts weren’t perfect, but friends and family (and my architect brother-in-law) find no faults at all.    Dale

Really love your amazing work!     Sara

I had such a great time building these ... Finally, a proper model for an adult to make, and made of real natural materials too!    Jerry M.

My partner who is an architect absolutely loves your models. He has your Sydney Opera House and Guggenheim models and they have pride of place in the house!     M. Dodwell

Congratulations on producing such a fantastic range of iconic building models.      P. Smith

What a great model! I thought it would be more complicated to assemble, but the process went very smoothly.  E. Rensin

I bought and made the Guggenheim model. Fantastic.     N. Burnham

 I just finished my first model and I am very impressed. The instructions were easy to follow, the diagrams were very clear and helpful. I had a blast building it. All of the wood pieces fit great. The model when finished looks just like the box. I'll be looking forward to my next model.     Evan H.

These models are incredible. Thank you for your time and have a great day!     J. Rhodea

I had such a great time building these and hope you will find another challenging and architecturally significant building to model. Finally, a proper model for an adult to make, and made of real natural materials too !   Jerry M.

The topic of conversation with every visitor to my house.     F. Katch

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I am so happy with my model of Farnsworth house.     L. Meza

I am building your Guggenheim. Simply amazing. Best model kit I have ever, ever built. Do you sell Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth house?     Paul Schmid

I just completed the Guggenheim Museum model, and enjoyed the intricacy and attention to detail of the design. I also thought that the instructions were very clear and helpful.     Mike

I think you guys do a great job with these! I was given the Guggenheim Museum as a gift and loved putting it together and being an architecture student it gave a nice new perspective. Keep up the awesome work with these and am looking forward to this one coming out and will definitely be getting one!   N. Aggers 

When I was an architecture student, model building was my favourite aspect of my education. Recently, I saw the scale model of the Guggenheim Museum (in the Guggenheim Museum) and immediately wanted it!   M. Scinto

I love your Little Buildings, and with the quality and detail, clearly you do too.     Harold

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I bought your Guggenheim model on a recent trip to NY and really enjoyed building it, beautifully made! More famous modern architectural models please! Maybe some Case Study houses?     S. Graham

Literally just finished the Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum - took me quite a while and I must say one of the best models and 'little' experience ever! ... Really great little model kits, well done!    L. Meister

I love the Guggenheim model. You should do more like that.    J. Brunswick

Loved doing the Guggenheim model. A wonderful way to spend 5 hours.    H. Washbourne

Thank you for designing and producing such a wonderful model of an unforgettable structure.    T. Marcy

Marcus outdid himself on this one. It's a gem.   S. Jochums

My 12-year-old son just meticulously completed your Guggenheim museum model and it is AMAZING! He is very interested in great architectural buildings of the world, unfortunately not in Australian homesteads. ... By the way, the workmanship, materials, and instructions for the model were outstanding. Thank you!     A. Nowak

I have just completed your model of the Guggenheim Museum as a souvenir of our recent visit to the Big Apple. It is a beautiful representation of an intriguing building, but as an experience modeller I was most impressed by the attention to detail and the design of the model, which rendered construction almost foolproof. Have you plans for any more models of such iconic buildings?    I. Hastings

I have just spent the most fantastic afternoon, building my mini Guggenheim. I've been back from NY a few weeks and have been happily reminiscing as I put the model together. You have done such a beautiful job with the quality of materials, instructions and obvious joy you have out into this product.  Thank you so much.    Amanda

Read more about our modelers' experiences in Customer Stories.

Just finished your Guggenheim model after purchasing at the museums gift shop, and I must say, what an amazing product.  Your attention to detail, and quality is unmatched. It is currently displayed in my office, and much to the amazement of everyone that has seen it, it was not professionally assembled, I did it in less than four hours over two days in order to let the glue properly set up. I look forward to other architectural wonders (hopefully more Frank Lloyd Wright) and thank you for providing such a high quality product.     G. Romay

"Hi, just finished building the Guggenheim, which I bought at the Guggenheim Museum in NY. I enjoyed it because the engineering of this model was excellent! Everything fitted well and the result is beautiful! Thanks for such a nice product!"      Edgar

I really love your Guggenheim model.  The detail is wonderful!  (The Lego model, which is the same price, is not only ugly but very inaccurate.)      M. Hoey

Hello Little Building Co! My daughter and I just started your *awesome* Guggenheim model - what a great kit.     Michael

I just wanted to congratulate you on your little Guggenheim. Friends brought one back from NY last month, as a gift, and I've just put it together, laughing and swearing at the wonder of it - so beautifully made, so clearly and logically, literately and lucidly explained in the instructions. The whole world should be as perfect as your model! Then I read on the box that it was made in Australia. I salute your commitment to quality, excellence and beauty! Well bloody done!!     G.Kershaw 

Just finished building your model. great work.     S. Kirkby 

Share a picture of your masterpiece and tell us what you think of our models. You could win a free kit!

You could win a free kit!

Last year I bought your Frank Lloyd Wright model kit as a present. It was perfect! Was hoping you also made the waterfall house? Or any other architectural buildings? Many thanks to you for making a great product.     S. Murray.

"Hi there, I've just finished your Guggenheim model and I wanted to say, CONGRATULATIONS. It is a beautiful model: a lovely choice of materials, beautifully finished and great fun to put together.  thank you again.     Martin

I just finished The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum model. The craftsmanship and the detail is amazing.The model will be displayed proudly on my shelf...Thank You.     C. Keller