Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit

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  • Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit
  • Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit
  • Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit
  • Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit
  • Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit
  • Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit
  • Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit

Limited Edition - Frontier Town Streetscape kit

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Tina Arthur, Kentucky-based artist, has created a beautiful painted version of our Frontier Town Streetscape!

These are very limited editions kits
Five were made.

Only 1 Streetscapes kit left!

Each set of four kits is signed and numbered

Fine Wood, frontier-inspired model streetscape

The Frontier collection is comprised of four beautiful, accurate scale model kits that you can build in a few evenings. Then you can sit back, admire, take compliments, and revel in that frontier feeling for years to come.

Build the set to create your own town. Perfect for a holiday display, or a nostalgic nod to the wild wonder of a unique era to enjoy all year long.

The Artist

Tina Arthur grew up in Cincinnati Ohio. She attended the University of Kentucky where she graduated with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Architecture. She has worked for the University Facilities Management department for over 30 years. Currently she manages a team of project mangers for renovation projects throughout the healthcare enterprise. She enjoys all types of building, art and crafting. In her down time she relaxes by building models, weaving, lego’s, needle felting, etc.  And she has a nice collection of Little Building Co models.

These models make a perfect gift, and a beautiful bookshelf display! 

The combination of intense research of historical architectural documents and designs, careful attention to building and material details, and thoughtful consideration of the time period has resulted in models that tangibly represent the spirit of the American frontier.

These models are based on regional architectural styles from the Australian frontier, which saw similar growth and expansion to the American West in the 1800s. Similar architectural styles and building practices were also common throughout colonial England and the American West.

Our Paddington, Surry Hill, and Regency models are typical of 1800's frontier homes.

The Paddington model has a lovely verandah with a detailed fenced enclosure. Frontier-era builders were meticulous about detail and our model is as well. Notice the two-pane sashes on the second story of our Paddington model, complementing the single-pane sash windows on the ground level.

The Surry Hill Frontier model is based on homes typical of the expanding frontier in the 1840s-1890s. Like many in the American West, it featured subtle architectural details commonly seen in nineteenth-century English and Australian designs.  The veranda screened out the mid-day sun. A third floor, with a dormer window, might provide bedrooms for kids or servants.

The Regency Frontier model features details typical of the time: Above the six-panel front door, a fanlight is dressed with flat-gauged arches. As the house was situated directly on the footpath, with no front garden, the louvered shutters provided both security and privacy. We've even modeled the stone used to create the foundation of our Regency Frontier scale replica.

The Richmond Frontier Hotel is an example of the Italianate style.

The Italianate style of the Richmond Frontier Hotel features many fine details including the elaborate roof, tiling on the terrace, curved windows and shutters, and an ornate balcony railing. It's all as if to say, “this is how the west was won – in style.” You can build your own frontier “hotel” with this architecturally accurate model kit cut from fine American Cherry.

Product Details

Kits includes wooden parts and sandpaper. Wood glue is required to complete the model and is not included with the kit.

Materials: American Cherry

Origin: Australia

— Scale: 1:100

— Recommended Age: 12 & Up
— Assembly Time: 8 Hours (Each model takes approximately 2 hours)
— Completed Dimensions 9.2"L x 4.33"W x 4.8"H
— Some Tools Required (Not Included)
— Instructions Included

Model by Little Building Co.  Click here to learn more about the artist behind this fine model.

Easy to Build

Detailed, step-by-step instructions makes your kit a pleasure to construct.

Beautifully Accurate Models

We research and study the buildings to capture the true essence in our models.

Exquisite Wood Construction

We use the finest wood components (Aspen, American Cherry, Birch, others), and manufacture and inspect all components to the highest standards.